How to Sign a PDF Document with a X.509 Signing Certificate on Android

The PlugPDF SDK allows you to sign and validate your PDF documents with one or more signatures. To do so, please follow these steps.

  1. Prepare an image object. This is the visual appearance of a signature field (optional)
  2. Create a signature field (this is a form field containing a digital signature)
  3. Compute a byte range digest
  4. Inject the computed byte range into the signature field created in Step 2.

Then, validating a PDF document is a two step process:

  1. Get a signature field
  2. Get a computed byte range digest data in the signature field

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How to Customize the Navigation & Tool Bars on Android

Some times you may want to hide or restrict certain features of the default reader capability whereas in other occasions you’ll need to change the look and feel of your PDF reader. This can be done by customizing the SimpleReaderControlView.

The PlugPDF SDK’s SimpleReaderControlView class offers a simple way to put PDF reading capability into your app. Below are shown three different ways to customize it.

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Building the Sample Project with Eclipse

To develop a simple PDF reader for Android devices such as PDF based eBook or eBrochure, starting from the sample project which is bundled with the SDK package would be a good choice.

You need to have the following software installed on your computer before going through this tutorial.

This guide assumes you are using v4.2 (Juno) or later with a default install. You also need Java v1.6 or later.

This guide also assumes that you have basic knowledge and experiences with Android development.
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How to Turn on/off the Annotation Editing Feature for the PlugPDF View Controller on iOS and Android

The PlugPDF SDK provides simple to use annotation features. With this feature you can add/edit and delete annotations on your PDF documents.

However, you may want to restrict the use of editing functions such as annotation tools to make the document read-only.

The PlugPDF view controller provides a simple way to enable/disable the use of annotation tools hiding the annotation tools menu from the navigation bar.

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