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PlugPDF SDK Android Developer Guide

An Android PDF library into your app, in 3 steps!

1. Import the PlugPDF SDK for Android

Open the Android Studio welcome dialog and click Open an existing Android Studio project in the Quick Start section. Select the PlugPDF_Android folder in the Open File or Project dialog.

Please read this how-to for further information.

2. Initialize the PDF library

Copy the code below and paste it into the onCreate method of your MainActivity.java, as explained in the video at 05:50

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  try {
   // Initialize PlugPDF with a license key.
  } catch (InvalidLicense ex) {
  Log.e("PlugPDF", "error ", ex);
  // Handle invalid license exceptions.

3. Instantiate the PDF Viewer

protected void open() {
 String path = "";
 SimpleDocumentReader viewer = SimpleReaderFactory.createSimpleViewer(this, mViewerListener);
 viewer.openFile(path, "");

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