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PlugPDF SDK Android Developer Guide


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How to change view mode?
The PlugPDF SDK supports many display mode. The setPageDisplayMode method in the ReaderView class helps you to change display mode. This page show what display mode we support.


Click this to get more information about the ReaderView class.

How to insert image/watermark in a PDF file
You may want to insert an image or an watermark in your PDF file.
The insertImageToPage, insertImageWatermark and insertTextWatermark methods in the PDFDocument class help you insert image or watermark. The below picture shows a result of using the methods.

Click this to get more information about the PDFDocument class.

What exists in the PropertyManager class?
The PlugPDF SDK supports many property. The PropertManger class help you customizing your app.
It supports setting maximum zoom level, scrolls velocity, preview quality, page gap, using bilateral cover display mode and etc.

Click this to get more information about the PropertyManager class.

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