PlugPDF SDK iOS Developer Guide




  • How can I hide top bar and bottom bar?
  • How can I hide Page number indicator on PlugPDF Viewer?
  • How can I change Page number indicator position?
  • How can I detect that page was changed?
  • How can I get page slider value?
  • How to change page Preview size.
  • How can I go to the recent page when I close the PlugPDF Viewer?
  • How can I set Document title on PlugPDF Viewer?


  • How to get annotations information?
  • How to catch an annotation is added or removed?
  • Save and Remove annotations
  • Flatten annotations
  • Circle annotation
  • Square annotation
  • TextMarkup annotations ( Highlight, Underline, Strike Out)
  • Ink annotation
  • Note annotation
  • Eraser tool


Getting Started with the PlugPDF SDK

The Developer’s Guides provide an initial step-by-step guide to get started with the PlugPDF SDK for iOS.

If you have any questions about how to run the sample PlugPDF reader, please post your doubts on the Support Forum. We will be happy to assist you.

PlugPDF SDK for iOS Documentation

  • Quickstart

Quickstart will explain a simple way to integrate PDF viewer ( PDF reader) into your app.

  • Guide

Guide section will let you know how to customize PlugPDF SDK in various area.

API Reference will show the classes, structures, unions and interfaces with a brief description.