An iOS PDF Reader library into your app, in 3 steps!

1. Add the PlugPDF SDK for iOS  ( iOS PDF Reader library)

Add both PlugPDF.framework and PlugPDF.bundle to your project.

Add these two dynamic libraries: libstdc++.dylib and libz.dylib, as well as the framework AVFoundation.framework to the Link Binary With Libraries build phase.

Finally, add libc++.dylib to Link Binary With Libraries in order to build on the Simulator Target.

Please read this how-to for further information.

2. Initialize the PDF library ( iOS PDF Viewer )

In Objective-C

If iOS Deployment Target is set to a version earlier than 6.1, the Type of AppDelegate.m must be changed to Objective-C++ Source.

In Swift

3. Instantiate the iOS PDF Viewer

In Objective-C

In Swift

PDF library