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PlugPDF SDK Android Developer Guide

How to hide the update message box?

PlugPDF SDK provides the method that can hide the update alert dialog with the “Please update the PlugPDF SDK to the latest version. https://plugpdf.com/sdkfile/PlugPDF_Android.zip” message. If you do not want to hide it, you can use the below codes.


Click this to get more information about the PlugPDF class.

How to save a pdf file?

To save pdf file, you should use the saveFile() method in the PDFDocument class. The PlugPDF SDK does not automatically save files when changes occur. However, saving changes only when you call the method.

In our Sample project, we use the method in the onDestroy() method.

protected void onDestroy() {
   if (mReader.getDocument() != null) {

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