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    Can you provide a Xamarin Android (C#) binding for PlugPDF ?
    In this topic, there is only an iOS binding.

    My company is currently thinking about buying Xamarin Platform and PlugPDF for new projects and we are using trial versions.


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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for your inquiry. you can do this by yourself, there is a nice article about this at:
    You should follow the steps in the article with plugpdf\libs\plugpdfcore.jar.
    Please note that you should add the four .so files keeping the directory structure into a Jars directory as described below:

    Then, open the properties dialog for the .so files and choose the EmbeddedNativeLibrary option within Build Action.
    Now, you can build the project to create a DLL.
    If you experience the CS0534 error (….does not implement inherited abstract member ’Android.Widget.AdapterView.RawAdapter.get’), please refer to an article at:

    Thanks and Good Luck,
    Dr. Plug

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    Thank you, I started the binding of the plugpdfcore.jar.
    I guess that I will have to rewrite theses files in C# :

    PlugPDF Java files

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