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    Pieter Claerhout


    we’ve done testing with the new version of the Android version of PlugPDF ( (4bf2855.dirty)) and we have a problem with PageDisplayMode.BILATERAL_HORIZONTAL.

    When we use this displaymode just before we open the file, we get an empty ReaderView.

    We also want to have the first page on the right (CoverDisplay), so we’ve added useBilateralCoverDisplay before creating the ReaderView but that crashes with the following error (there is also no PropertyManger documentation in the SDK info:


    Can you help us in getting this resolved. This is the only issue holding us from releasing and we would need to get a solution asap.

    Kind regards,

    Pieter Claerhout
    Twixl media

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi, Pieter

    Thank you for the inquiry.
    Actually we released a new version that problem is fixed. (2.5.119)
    This is a download link.
    Could you check it?

    Best Regards,

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