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    I am trying to get an customized toolbar on iOS. The only problem that I have is on iOS 8. When I tap on the displaymode barbutton the popover doesnt appear at all. It is working on iOS 7. Here is the code to navigation to the PlugPDFDocumentViewController:

    @try {

    PlugPDFDocumentViewController *pdfViewController = [PlugPDFDocumentViewController initWithPath:[self getPathForPDFName:name] password:nil title:name];

    [pdfViewController setMenuItems:@[@101, @102, @105]];
    PlugPDFNavigationController *navigationController =
    [[PlugPDFNavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:

    [[[self navigationController] navigationBar] setTranslucent: YES];
    [self.navigationController presentViewController:navigationController animated:YES completion:nil];
    [pdfViewController setAutomaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets:NO];

    } @catch (NSException *exception) {
    NSLog(@”%@ %@”,, exception.description);


    Hope somebody can help me with this.


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    I figured out where issue is. Apparently when you try to present the viewcontroller in iOS 8. You will not get the popover for the Display mode. If I do this with pushViewController it works. Is there a way to make the popover for the Display mode appear when you tap on the barbutton on IOS 8 with presentViewController?

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi, Omar

    Thank you for the inquiry.
    We tested the code you gave us. But unfortunately, we couldn’t reproduce the problem you said.
    Even if we used a iOS 8 and prensetViewController method, as you can see(Screen shot1), we can get a popover of displaymode bar button.

    Display bar button's popover

    So i think you didn’t used the latest version of PlugPDF. (The latest version of iOS is 2.5.113).
    Could you download the latest version?
    This is a download link
    After using the latest version of PlugPDF SDK, If you have the still problem, please contact us.

    Best Regards,

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