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    Satya Mutyala

    Recently we purchased PlugPDF SDK for one of our Android Applications.We are facing below crash in most of the devices while scrolling pages:Can you please help me out of fixing this issue.

    06-02 11:37:53.347: I/DEBUG(122): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 0x2d6e7485
    06-02 11:37:53.365: I/DEBUG(122): r0 b9acc008 r1 000003fc r2 00000000 r3 2d6e7461
    06-02 11:37:53.365: I/DEBUG(122): r4 98439d5c r5 b9b74dc0 r6 b9b7cd40 r7 a1f19c80
    06-02 11:37:53.365: I/DEBUG(122): r8 000003fc r9 b9bd93f0 sl 00000000 fp 00000000
    06-02 11:37:53.365: I/DEBUG(122): ip 00007f80 sp a1f19c40 lr 0000006c pc 97d76a56 cpsr 60030030
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): backtrace:
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #00 pc 000e5a56 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_File::cacheObject(unsigned int, unsigned int)+153)
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #01 pc 000e5bd5 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_FilePrivate::loadObject(unsigned int, unsigned int, Gf_ObjectR*)+56)
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #02 pc 000e5c83 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_File::resolve(Gf_ObjectR*)+34)
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #03 pc 000fb475 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_ColorSpace::loadColorSpace(Pdf_ColorSpaceR*, Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_ObjectR)+24)
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #04 pc 0010ced7 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_ResourceManager::takeColorSpace(Pdf_File*, Gf_ObjectR)+130)
    06-02 11:37:53.366: I/DEBUG(122): #05 pc 000c19a5 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runCS(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, bool)+200)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #06 pc 000c2083 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runColorOperator(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, int)+138)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #07 pc 000c4069 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runKeywordByKeyCode(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, int, bool)+188)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #08 pc 000c40d9 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runKeyword(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, char*, bool)+72)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #09 pc 000c46bd /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runContentStreamInterpreter(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, streams::InputStream*, bool)+920)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #10 pc 000c53e1 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runStreamArray(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, Gf_ArrayR, bool)+440)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #11 pc 000c5569 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_CSInterpreter::runStreamRef(Pdf_File*, Pdf_ResourceManager*, Gf_DictR, Gf_ObjectR, bool)+84)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #12 pc 000d9c93 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #13 pc 000da16b /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Pdf_Page::loadContents(bool)+462)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #14 pc 00088015 /data/app/com.teachco.TGCviewer-1/lib/arm/ (Java_com_epapyrus_plugpdf_core_PDFDocument_gotoPageInternal+108)
    06-02 11:37:53.367: I/DEBUG(122): #15 pc 000a5e81 /data/dalvik-cache/arm/data@app@com.teachco.TGCviewer-1@base.apk@classes.dex
    06-02 11:37:54.369: I/DEBUG(122): Tombstone written to: /data/tombstones/tombstone_09
    06-02 11:37:54.378: I/BootReceiver(400): Copying /data/tombstones/tombstone_09 to DropBox (SYSTEM_TOMBSTONE)
    06-02 11:37:54.382: E/SharedPreferencesImpl(400): Couldn’t create directory for SharedPreferences file shared_prefs/log_files.xml

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Satya Mutyala,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Did you scroll tried to move page? If so, maybe this reason of problem is PDF file. Therefore I needs your PDF file used to test. Can you provide it?

    Thank you,
    Dr. Plug

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    Satya Mutyala


    Please find the PDF in below location:

    When I scroll page by page slowly its not crashing,But when I scroll a bit faster and before page gets loaded if I tap on device back key,its crashing.Its reported by our QA and this is critical as it is 100% reproducible.Its happening with the sample application provided in the SDK.

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    Satya Mutyala

    Can you please help me out in fixing the above issue.Its critical and client release is dependent on this issue.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Satya,

    Actually we followed your step to realize that problem but we couldn’t realize that.
    so if you can, could you give us a video that error is taken?
    if you give us a video, it would be very helpful to solve the problem.

    Thank you,

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    Satya Mutyala


    Please find the video in below location.Its easily reproducible.Swipe pages a bit faster and before page gets loaded tap on device back key.I am running short of time guys,Please do something.I need to explain my client.You can easily reproduce this crash with your sample code inside SDK.

    Crash Video:

    PDF File:

    This is my code inside onCreate:

    PlugPDF.init(getApplicationContext(), PLUG_PDF_LECENCE_KEY);
    mReader = SimpleReaderFactory.createSimpleViewer(this, this);
    mReader.openFile(filePath, “”);

    This is my code inside onDestroy:

    if (mReader != null && mReader.getDocument() != null)

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    Satya Mutyala

    Any update on this Issue?Its a blocker issue.Please respond ASAP.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Satya,

    I apologize for being late in responding and thank you for your video. Actually that problem can occur with SDK of less than 2.5.88 version. Because 2.5.88 earlier versions thread synchronization problem was in the ‘clear’ method. If you used 2.5.88 earlier versions, you should download SDK of latest version. Also it only occurs when showing 9 page as your video?

    Thank you,
    Dr. Plug

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by  Dr. Plug.
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