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    Archna Agrawal

    Hello Sir,

    I have used the PLUGPDF as a third party library ,to open the PDF files in my application by passing the filepath in SimpleDocumentReader class constructor, but when i navigate page very fastly using bottom scrollbar then first it loading that page but after loading that page , it hangs, and we have to reopen the pdf file .

    So, kindly provide some solution for it, it will be appreciable.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Archna Agrawal,

    Thank you for inquiry.
    Could you let me know your version of PlugPDF?
    Actually in latest version, we fixed a problem that page is hanged.
    this is download link of newest version of PlugPDF.

    But if you used the latest version, Could you explain your situation in more detail?
    Actually with a video or image files for easy to understand, It would be very helpful clue to solve that problem.

    Best Regards,

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    Archna Agrawal

    Thank you so much for quick reply, i have 2.5.96 Planned Update, June 3, 2015 , plupdf library , so i think need to update my library first , which you provided , may be this will resolve my issue , because as per Release note content of provided src code , loading performance is increased , so may be this will help me.

    I will surely update you the progress about it.

    Thanks , Thank you so much for Reply.

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