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    Yuriy Makhin

    Browser Type/Version
    iPhone 6 iOS 8.3
    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Launch some pdf (in portrait position)
    2.Navigate to some page->select edit text option(las icon on the right)
    3. Select Comment option->tap somewhere on the tap so that comments form popup up
    4. Rotate device to landscape position
    5. Leave comments form (use Go Back icon)

    Expected Outcome
    Page should be displayed in landscape position

    Actual Outcome
    black screen is being displayed instead of an actual page

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    Dr. Plug


    We are looking at this issue.

    Please check back soon.


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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Yuriy ,

    Actually we followed your step.

    But we couldn’t find the problem that you said.

    Could you give me some video or screenshot to explain in more detail?

    Best Regards,

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    Yuriy Makhin

    Neither can I; guess it went away on it’s own.

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