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    i draw “LINE” Annotation Tool.

    then Using Erase Tool deleted to “LINE” Annotation.

    not deleted “LINE” Annot.(but deleted).

    if i draw the other annot. see like deleted.

    * short question content.

    1. draw “LINE” Annot
    2. delete “LINE” Annot(Using Erase)
    3. It does not look like deleted.(but deleted.)
    4. draw “INK” Annot
    5. It does look like deleted.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello defcon8808,

    Thank you for your detailed error report.
    We are pleased to let you know that the issue you reported is already beed fixed.
    The new update to PlugPDF will be available for download at the
    We’ll upload the file until tomorrow.
    If you have any further questions, feel free contact to us.

    Best regards,

    PlugPDF Support

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    Thank you.

    i will check it.

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