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    We tried to add PlugPDF ( to our Xamarin iOS app, but the control always get’s stuck with loading circles after scrolling.
    So we tried the Objective C sample app that comes with the SDK (UsingPlugPDFDocumentViewController) and the problem can be reproduced with the sample as well.

    We recorded a short video of the bug:!606178&authkey=!AILYF8QjBs1NOik&ithint=file%2cmp4

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    Jose Bravo

    I’m having the same problem…

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    Jose Bravo


    This problem was reported by Malte 10 days ago and we haven’t receive single response.

    Please guys help us to resolve this issue.


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    Same problem here.
    The latest version of the SDK is unusable.
    Please provide fixes ASAP!

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello there,

    We are so sorry for the late answering.
    But fortunatelt we fixed that problem in the newest version.
    So could you check it? This is a download link of new version. (v2.9.8)

    Best Regards,

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    Jose Bravo


    The problem isn’t solved for me, take a look of this video:


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    Dr. Plug

    Hello, Jose Bravo

    I’m so sorry for the late answering.
    Could you used this new version? We alreay fixed that problem.

    Best regards,


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