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    Yuriy Makhin

    This happens on iOS 7.1
    Reproducible on iPad 2 and iPhone 5S

    1) Open “CustomizingPlugPDFDocumentViewController” PlugPDF example project, build and run for iOS 7.1 on either iPad 2 or iPhone 5S
    2) First thing you do rotate device to landscape
    3) Now tap the file name and let the PDF load

    Expected outcome: PDF page is centered on the screen like in iOS 8.
    Actual outcome: PDF page is moved to the left, on the right a piece of another page is visible; swiping between pages in glitchy.

    On some PDFs I actually get a whole back screen instead, and can’t even tap the dark space to hide/show menu – it does not react. Only reacts to rotating the device. Only happens on iOS 7.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Yuriy,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We tried to reproduce that problem. but we couldn’t

    so is there any video that problem is taken? if you give us a PDF file and video, it would be very helpful to solve that problem.

    Best Regards,

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