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    The plug SDK provide methods for import/export annotations via xfdf xml.

    But SDK have method for export and importannotation via code.
    for import loadAnnotList(pageIdx)
    for export insertAnnotation(***)

    but I have a problem with access to some fields in the “mContents” in the AnnotNote. the field is private and there isn’t getter method.
    also same problem AnnotHighlight, fields mR, mG, mB

    Could you please provide access to these variables?


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    Dr. Plug

    Hi, Denis

    Thank you for the feedback.
    Yes you right, there were a problem that PlugPDF can’t access a content value and RGB value.
    So we made a getter method.

    Could you check it?
    This is the download link

    Best Regards,

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    Thank you.

    Also I found intesting behabior with method:
    insertTextMarkupAnnot, this method request annotation type (as String)
    from documentation it can be “type The text markup type (HIGHLIGHT(9), UNDERLINE(10), SQUIGGLY(11), STRIKEUP(12))” so with upercase.
    In the AnnotHighlight I also recive type as “HIGHLIGHT” upper case.
    but the method insertTextMarkupAnnot works only with type in camel style “Highlight”


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    one more question:
    is it possible to add objectID as input parameter for:
    insertTextMarkupAnnot and insertNoteAnnot etc.

    Becouse the SDK genetare each time mew objectID, but same method for iOS can reuse objectID (saveAnnot)

    “Saves annotation of id on the page of the page index.

    annot The annotation object id you want to save.


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    new issue with method insertNoteAnnot.
    This method requests PoinF with coordinates x and y
    I got these value when saved annotation (from loadAnnotList(pageIdx))

    When I call insertNoteAnnot with these coordinate “note” icon moves to left side.
    These coordinate should be x+icon size and y+icon size.
    How I can fix it? or where I can get icon size?


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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Denis,

    Sorry for late reply. As you said, I felt the strange about insertTextMarkupAnnot. So, I’ll edit to regardless case sensitive.

    About objectID, likewise, this also I’ll edit it to can input the ObjectID.

    About Note Icon size, real size of icon is width=20, height=18. And you can get the icon size on the PageView by using follow code.

    After release, I’ll inform to you!

    Thank you,
    Dr. Plug

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