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    I plan on using PlugPDF as a drop-in replacement for FastPDF in our project. It does work, but there are no navigation, search, bookmarks controls when called like:

    So I am looking at adding them, I found CustomizingPlugPDFDocumentViewController.xcodeproj, but ran into problems.

    I received the following error when building this project:

    I added #import <PlugPDF/BaseAnnot.h> to DocumentViewEventDelegate.h to get it to build. When running in emulator or on my development iPad after clicking on the file “PlugPDF SDK Test Page.pdf” I have a black screen.

    Is there another version of this project – this one was included in the download Samples folder.

    Thank you

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Kent,

    I’m so sorry for late answering.
    Thank you for your feedback we found a reason of problem.
    It’s not your fault. That’s our mistake.
    So we’ll fix that issue by Friday. But if you hurry, you can download temp version.
    you can download temp version in this link.

    Best Regards,

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