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    Hiren Patel

    Hello Dr.

    I am trying 30 days trail version of plug pdf and my requirement is that i want to apply particular word for search and assign to annotation highlight that word.
    So is there any custom function that we find RectF for word and can make highlight that particular area.


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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Hiren

    Actually our PlugPDF can support what you want.
    At first, if you used a
    RectF[] getSearchPage(int pageIdx, String text, boolean includeUnAccentSearchResults)
    method which is in PDFDocument. you can get a RectF[].
    And next, if you used a
    enableSearchHighlight(RectF searchBoxes[])
    which is in PageView, you can highlight the word you want.

    Best Regards,

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