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    Arunavh Krishnan


    We have currently bought PlugPDF License. I have a couple of requirements. Will it be possible to include those.

    1) PDFBackgroundColor : The color of the Crop Box. I need an API so that i’ll be able to adjust the color of the PDFCropBox or (pdf BACKGROUND COLOR).
    2) PDFBackgroundAlpha : The alpha level of the background of the PDF.

    The current draw() method takes opacity as its last parameter but I think it changes the overall opacity of the pdf. What I need is an API to control the background Color and Alpha of the PDF.

    Please reply asap.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Arunavh,

    Thank you for the waiting.
    Actually in Property Manager, there is a method named setWrapTextColor. if you used that method, you can do what you wnat.
    The default value of mWrapTextColor is this.

    private static int mWrapTextColor = Color.argb(255, 67, 116, 217);

    This is a download link.

    Best regards,

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