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    Just implemented the library for the first time and have I have copied and pasted from the sample the code to view the PDF document. However, I have a problem.

    I am making annotations in a PDF document, exiting the PDF and then going back into it. However, any previous annotations made are then not shown as though they are not saved once I make them.

    To create the annotation I am clicking the very most right button across the top, then the second from the left, making the annotation, then deselecting the same button as perviously selected, and then clicking the back button.

    Am I missing an extra step or should the annotation be saved at this point for when I open the PDF next?

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    Sorry, that should be second button from the right, not left.

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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Richard,

    You seems to missing save step. In Android case, if you had used the SimpleReaderActivity, you can save by call in onDestroy method. Otherwise, You only need to call save() in the ReaderView class. But if you open document by openData(…), our SDK will save to root path on your device. this mean, you should read to file on the root path.


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    Many thanks for your quick reply that has done the trick. Am now however getting OutOfMemoryExceptions. Will create a new thread.

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