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    Kevin Lau

    Hi Dr. Plug,

    I’ve added Unicode font “unifont-9.0.06.ttf” to the “assets\Fonts” folder of my app. In the Activity code, “PlugPDF.deployAssetFontResource(getApplicationContext());” is called just after the line “PlugPDF.init” in its onCreate method. I’ve also called “document.setFontMap(“*=unifont-9.0.06.ttf”);” in my code.

    When trying to fill an AcroForm with a test string of mixed Chinese and Cyrillic characters, e.g. “伊斯坦堡 İstanbul”, those non-ascii characters can’t be rendered properly.

    I’m not sure whether I’ve missed something in my code, or that’s not supported.

    Do you have any idea about it?

    Please help, thanks!

    fyi, here is the snippet of my Activity code:

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    Dr. Plug

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for your patience.
    Please download the newest PlugPDF SDK at the
    We solved the problem that Chinese character is flattened abnormally.
    However, we are solving the problem that the character “i” is strangely flattened.
    We will contact you again after the issue is totally fixed.

    Best regards,

    PlugPDF Support

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