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    We are the library to an application in both platform. Everything is working fine but we found a problem trying to open a pdf from a specific URL in Android. If we move the pdf to another URL is loading as expected. Furthermore, the iOS library can open the pdf, from both URLs so the URL is accessible.

    Investigating the “wrong” URL we saw some redirections before opening the final pdf. Could this be the issue why it’s not opening the PDF?

    The error we’re receiving is the next one:

    E/PlugPDF: [ERROR] java.lang.Exception: Failed to open from data. Because,
    Syntax Error: could not find catalog at line 356 (Gf_Error* Pdf_File::repairXref(streams::InputStream*) : jni/../../../../ext/pdfv/src/file/file_repair.cpp)


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    Dr. Plug

    Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Now, I had try the use the openUrl(…) in the ReaderView. But there is no problem. here is my test url it seems that the PDF file itself is broken at your link.
    Please try with a normal PDF file again or share your test url to me?

    Thank you,
    Dr. Plug

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