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PlugPDF SDK Android Developer Guide

How can I detect a touch event in the form field?

In the FieldEventListener, there is a method for detecting touch event from the form field.
You can detect what field is clicked, focused or fiels’s value is changed.

mReader.setFieldEventListener(new FieldEventListener() {
	public boolean onClick(BaseField field) {
		return false;

	public boolean onFocusChange(BaseField field, boolean hasFocus) {
		return false;

	public boolean onChangedValue(BaseField field) {
		return false;

Please click this. That page will give you more description about the events.

Also, you can detect the specific form fields type, such as check box, combo box, radio button, text field and digital signature field.

How can I distinguish the type of form field?
The getType method in the BaseField class return the acroform’s field type.
0 : text field, 1 : check box, 2: radio button, 3: signature and 4 : button.

Please click this. That page will give you more description about the basefield class.

Flatten Form Field
How to flatten PDF form field?

To protect the integrity of PDF files, people often want to flatten their PDF file.

The PlugPDF SDK provides the simplest way to make flatten PDF form field in the PlugPDF SDK.
The argument of the method means wheter you flatten buttonfield or not.


You can also make a button and add the function in your pdf viewer.

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