PlugPDF control

Screen Orientation

The PlugPDF SDK gives you control over the dual screen orientation, both portrait and landscape, and allows you to lock the auto rotation feature.

Screen Brightness

Adjust the screen brightness from 10-100%.

Powerful features

Page Rendering

With PlugPDF you can render pages into PDF documents without showing the built-in PDF reader UI.


Protected PDF documents are accessed by entering the corresponding password.

Digital Signature

Sign and verify your PDFs with X.509 digital certificates.

Zero footprint

Create your own secure document readers! PDF files can be opened directly from byte arrays (memory), leaving zero footprint on the device.

PDF page editing

You can programmatically merge a number of pages from multiple PDF files, or extract a range of pages from a single PDF document.

Arabic language support

Display your PDF documents in Arabic language, and search texts containing Arabic characters and notations.

Full PDF compatibility

PlugPDF can read any PDF format version; from PDF 1.2 to 2.0 (ISO 32000-2).

Android Platform Architecture

CPU architectures supported: ARM6, ARM7, X86 and MIPS.