Changing the string’s language on iOS.

You may want to change string’s language with your mother language. This can be done by customizing the localizable.strings file in the PlugPDF bundle.

The localizable.strings file provide a simple way to change the strings in your app. Below simple steps show you how to change the strings.

  1. Select the PlugPDF.bundle
  2. Select the en.lproj folder
  3. Open the Localizable.strings
  4. Delete all of the content inside Localizable.strings
  5. Copy and Paste the key and value strings


Select the PlugPDF.bundle


Select the en.lproj folder


Open the Localizable.strings


Delete all of the content inside Localizable.strings

When you open the Localizable.string file, you can see meaningless characters. What you need to do is just ignore and delete all of the strange words.


Copy and Paste the key and value strings in the Localizable.strings

The below code provide you to change strings that you want. The first inside double quotes string is the key and the second double quotes is value. So, you can change the values.

After the following steps, you can change the value like the below.

Now not only the default value “Google” was changed to “Search”,but also you can see that the pop-up text was changed.



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