Building the Sample Project with Android Studio

Are you ready to develop a simple PDF reader for Android devices, for example your first PDF eBook or a PDF eBrochure? Let’s get started by having a look at the sample project, which comes bundled with the SDK package.

First of all, please make sure to have the following software installed on your computer before going through this tutorial.

This guide also assumes that you have a basic knowledge on Android as well as some experience in application development.

Ready to develop a simple PDF reader

Download the file

The PlugPDF SDK for Android can be downloaded from

Once you unzip the file in the folder of your choice, you’ll notice the PlugPDF_Android folder consists in the following.


  • The PlugPDF library files to be linked with your app
  • The base viewer source files and resources
  • API reference documentation generated by Doxygen


  • The sample project used in this tutorial

Get your License Key

A license key is required in order to use the PlugPDF SDK. There are three different types of licenses available:

  • Retail
  • Trial
  • Free

Indie developers can download a Free License Key; otherwise download a Trial license key for evaluation purposes or purchase a Retail license key.

All license types provide you with a fully functional PlugPDF SDK without any restrictions other than the evaluation period of the Trial key which is limited to 30 days.

Import the SDK

Intermediate Android developers won’t find any difficulties in importing the sample project along with the PlugPDF SDK.

One way to achieve this is by clicking Import Projects… in the Quick Start section of the Android Studio welcome dialog. Alternatively, in Android Studio’s main menu choose File > New > Import Project…

At this point select the PlugPDF_Android folder in the dialog as illustrated below.

Importing the sample project along with the PlugPDF SDK

That’s it. Both the plugpdfsample and the plugpdflayout folders will be imported and the build will start automatically.

If the Android SDK 4.04+ (API 15+) is not installed on your development environment, you will notice some compiler warnings and/or errors in which case you have to install the Android SDK 4.04+ (API 15+).

Congratulations! Now you are ready to run the sample PDF viewer app, just click the Run icon or press ^R in order to run the PlugPDF sample app. If you change the bundle ID in the sample project, please make sure to enter your valid license key in the file.

2 replies
  1. carlos paredes
    carlos paredes says:

    I have android sdk api 23 in my computer.
    I had installed the sample project for android but it gives an error:
    failed to find target with hash string ‘android-13’ in: C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Local\Android\sdk

    i am forced to download android sdk 3.2 api 13?

    Please help me

    Thanks very much


  2. Dr. Plug
    Dr. Plug says:

    Hello carlos,

    Thank you for interest in PlugPDF.

    If you want not use api 13, then you can change the compile sdk version.
    Before import in AndroidStudio, edit the AndroidMainfest.xml file such as “android:targetSdkVersion=”23″” in each projects in the Eclipse (or notepad).

    Then, after import project, your AndroidStudio isn’t asking the SDK version.

    Thank you.
    Dr. Plug


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