How to add your handwritten signature to PDF signature field on iOS.

The PlugPDF SDK allows you to sign your PDF documents with your handwritten signature. To do so, please follow very simple steps.  Create a TouchTrackView which is for drawing signature.  Add the AnnotEventDelegate to detect the signature field is clicked.  Create the save and cancel button.   Adding handwritten Signature to PDF signature field.  Create […]

How to use FreeText Annotation in Android?

You may be want to add a text on your pdf. Now, you can do that by using a FreeText Annotation in the PlugPDF version 2.9.29 or later. In another post, we already introduced how to use annotation tool at the “PDF Annotation Tools“. You can easily add other annotations, but in the case of […]

PDF Eraser Tool

You may not like an old version of eraser function to delete PDF annotations. You can choose the various method to delete annotations with the PlugPDF version 2.9.27 or later. The PlugPDF eraser tool allows users to delete their PDF annotations. There are three types of eraser method that you can set your eraser tool: […]

How to change the default font on Android

In that other post, we already introduced “How to change the default font on iOS with Objective-C.“, we will see a simple way how to change the default font on PlugPDF SDK for Android. 1.Adding your font First of all, you need to prepare a font file you want to use. 1. make Fonts folder in […]

How to change the default font on iOS with Objective-C.

Sometimes your application with PlugPDF SDK  does not display your native language or some special characters because our default font may not support some languages and special characters. Also, you may do not like our default font style. So, we will see a simple way how to change the default font on PlugPDF SDK for iOS. […]