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Top notch. We had a tight deadline to bring up an application for both Android and iOS. This SDK was really easy to integrate.

Eddie LieCTO at NeoLab Conversions Inc.

Seeking for an Android PDF library? You are at the right place. An excellent Android PDF reader library, PlugPDF is the best solution for the developers who are going to embed a PDF reader/viewer in their Android mobile apps. Not only is PlugPDF an easy-to-use Android PDF reader sdk, but also a streamlined iOS PDF reader/viewer SDK. It’s designed to provide matchless support on both Android and iOS platforms. You can rest assured that you can create a high performance mobile PDF reader applications easy and fast. Empower your apps today using our premium PDF reader/viewer api source. It’ll take just minutes of effort.

Looking for an Android PDF library or an iOS PDF framework? Want to add a PDF viewer to your app easy and fast? You’re at the right place. Use PlugPDF to display PDF files in your mobile app. It’s quick and effective. Just write 5 lines, and it’s done.

PlugPDF is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader library SDK.

It’s designed to provide optimum support on both Android and iOS platforms. You can create a high performance mobile PDF reader application easy and fast!

Diversify your apps today, and get one-touch access to important documents and urgent PDF files with our premium PDF reader library SDK. Especially developed for your growing entrepreneurial needs, PlugPDF SDK offers a stream of advantages:

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