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PDF Reader in Minutes. Just 5 Lines and
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Looking for an Android PDF library or an iOS PDF framework? Want to add a PDF viewer to your app easy and fast? You’re at the right place. Use PlugPDF to display PDF files in your mobile app. It’s quick and effective. Just write 5 lines, and it’s done.

PlugPDF is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader library SDK.

It’s designed to provide optimum support on both Android and iOS platforms. You can create a high performance mobile PDF reader application easy and fast!

Diversify your apps today, and get one-touch access to important documents and urgent PDF files with our premium PDF reader library SDK. Especially developed for your growing entrepreneurial needs, PlugPDF SDK offers a stream of advantages:

  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Reliable and secure 
  • Multi-platform support 
  • Cost effective and budget friendly 
  • Quick deployment and instant results 

quotesTop notch. We had a tight deadline to bring up an application for both Android and iOS. This SDK was really easy to integrate.quotes

Eddie LieCTO at NeoLab Conversions Inc.

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